Diesel Injector 0445120061 Promotion On Christmas


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To celebrate the coming of Christmas ,injector0445120217.com is giving the promotion of our common rail injector 0445120061 to friends around the world. The breaking news is the discount is the lowest of the year, beside injector0445120217.com also provides beautiful gifts for friends who make the orders during the holiday. Now let’s see some information of injector 0445120061 first.


0445120061 injector Information

Type CRIN2-16 series injector
Part Number 0445120061
Universal Number 0445120274/0445120217


For diesel engine D 2066 LF13
For Car Model: Man
0445120061 Injector Net Weight 0.06 kg
0445120061 Injector Size 28cm*7 cm *7 cm
Injector Quality China Made Brand New
MOQ 4 Pieces

Above is only information of 0445120061 injector, you might want to learn more about 0445120061 injector such as technical data, videos and encyclopedia knowledge, please keep checking as follow.

Video: https://www.injector0445120217.com/injector-0445120061-video/

Technical data: https://www.injector0445120217.com/diesel-injector-0445120061-techncial-data/

Encyclopedia: https://www.injector0445120217.com/common-rail-injector-0445120061-encyclopedia/


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How To Buy 0445120061 injector

On injector0445120217.com, customers only need 4 steps to purchase 0445120061 injector.

. Contact us and fill in your requests.

. injector0445120217.com confirm your purchase products.

. Make payment.

. injector0445120217.com delivers your purchase products.


After customers receive 0445120061 injector within 15 days , customer can choose to replace it or repair it if there is a performance failure with conditions of no appearance damage on the valve set surface.

And injector0445120217.com provide 6-12 months warranty for each product from the date customers receive the item.